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Meet Drew, Our 2016-17 Fla. Champion


A boating accident led to a 75-day stay at the hospital for Drew, where he recovered from multiple soft-tissue injuries and marine-bacteria infections, as well as damage to his spleen, liver, diaphragm, kidneys, lungs and femur.

Doctors and nurses were impressed by Drew’s persistent “can-do” attitude and his concern for others, despite what he was going through himself. He has a great outlook on life and hasn’t let his traumatic experience get him down. Drew is a happy and goofy child who makes people laugh daily.

For Drew, it was never a question of whether he’d walk and run again; he was determined to do both and pushed through the pain. He is an inspiration to others and draws from his faith to see him through. “Since God saved me,” said Drew, “I know he has a purpose for me, and I can’t wait to find out what that purpose is.”


How donations helped Drew at The Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Sacred Heart:  

CMN Hospitals’ funds are helping to pay for a building expansion at Drew’s children’s hospital. Donations also cover equipment like syringe pumps and a transport ventilator, which helps stabilize kids like Drew between surgeries.